15% OFF Shellac Manicure & Pedicure

We’re proud to be participating in this year’s Shop The Neighbourhood by Yellowpages!

On Saturday November 29th 2014, we are offering 15% OFF Shellac Manicure & Pedicure:

  • Includes Manicure soak & trim
  • Hand massage & reflexology
  • Hot towel finish
  • Choice of Shellac colour
  • Includes Pedicure soak & trim
  • Leg massage
  • Hot towel finish
  • Choice of Shellac colour

**MUST BOOK AN APPOINTMENT** – To serve you better and less wait time.

*This offer is valid only if you are doing Manicure & Pedicure together with Shellac.

*Cannot be combined with our other discounts or promotions.

Thank you and see you on Saturday November 29th 2014!


7 Foods that’ll help you get gorgeous nails!

You nail is one of the best indicators of how healthy you are eating  – and to get healthier looking nails all you have to do is eat certain nutrient-rich foods.  Doctors often use nails as an indicator of overall health, says dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at New York Medical College. Since your body sends nutrients to your vital organs first, your nails often are the last to get the good stuff—which means if you’re malnourished, it’s going to show up on your fingertips.

Even if you have a healthy diet, that doesn’t mean that your nails will be free from problems like brittleness or a glacial rate of growth, says Engelman. After all, your genetics influence your tips, too. That said, chowing down on foods rich in nutrients that nails love can help get them in their best shape. Here, check out seven foods that will boost your nail growth and strength so you can get your prettiest mani ever.

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Fall Special – $30 Manicure & Pedicure

Fall is fast approaching but it feels like winter is already here!  We want to make up for this summer’s poor excuse of a vacation by running this special.

$30 for manicure & pedicure every tuesdays and wednesday of the week starting October 1st 2014

We believe in providing the best experience at our nail salon.  Using clean & sterile equipments every time for everyone of our client.

What you would expect from our quality manicure and pedicure at Lovely Nails Toronto:

  • Soak
  • Gentle cuticle trim
  • Buff
  • Hand & leg massage reflexology
  • Hot towel wrap
  • Choice of colour


$30 Spa Manicure & Pedicure Special

Hello Kitty Nails

Turns out Hello Kitty is not actually a cat!

Stumbling upon some shocking news, I had to figure out if this was true.

Hello Kitty, the biggest cultural phenomenon that took form as a character on a coin purse in Japan 1974.  This fall, she is set to take L.A. by storm, with a full-blown retrospective of Kitty art, merch and fashion at the Japanese American National Museum, which opens in mid-October. Two weeks later, the first ever Hello Kitty Con, will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

But we know so little about this Kitty, until Christine R. Yano – an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii (and currently a visiting professor at Harvard) who has spent years studying the phenomenon that is Hello Kitty revealed that – HELLO KITTY IS NOT A CAT!

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A nail polish that may detect date-rape drugs!

A group of undergraduate students at North Carolina State University might have just revolutionized the nail polish industry.  The four students are working to develop a nail polish that changes colour if it comes into contact with date-rape drugs Rohypnol and GHB.  They dubbed it the name UC or Undercover Colours.

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How the sun sees you!

We came across this video about how the sun sees you.  Millions have seen it, and millions love it.  It was beautifully produced and made an impact.

But it raised a question for us – is the Sun our enemy?

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Our name – The Introduction.

Hello & welcome!

Our family here at Lovely Nails Toronto would love to share our family story with you.  A story only a few know, and even less understand.  It’s the story about how we struggle from Vietnam, leading to the escape, arriving to Canada, start a new life and now establishing our future.  Follow us as we pursuit a life motivated by love.

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