How the sun sees you!

We came across this video about how the sun sees you.  Millions have seen it, and millions love it.  It was beautifully produced and made an impact.

But it raised a question for us – is the Sun our enemy?

UV rays or Ultraviolet rays are invisible to our eyes and come from the Sun. Many are aware that it has some great impact but also not so great impact on our skin.  Human skin normally reacts to mild doses of UV radiation by increasing the amount of protective Melanin in the skin’s outer layers. Too much of this radiation in too short a period of time, however, results in cellular damage from radiation burn.

With this simple fact, sunscreen was created to “block” this harmful UV from our skin.  But we forget that only pro-longed exposure to the Sun is harmful ie. sun tanning.  Close proximity to UV exposure (tanning beds), is also dangerous and harmful to our skin.

People of African,Hispanic and Asian descent have darker skin tones why?  Because they live near the equator of the Earth, closest proximity to the Sun, and thus have developed a high level of Melanin to protect them from the Sun’s UV.  Caucasians however, live furthest away to the North or South of the equator, and does not become expose to much sunlight so their skin tone is much paler due to low level of Melanin.

When your body is not used to pro-longed sunlight and you go tanning, you will burn.  Excessive tanning will lead to skin damage or even skin cancer.

In North America alone, the majority of people are more aware of the above harmful facts about the Sun rather than the good.

The Sun UVB induces production of vitamin D in the skin. The majority of UV’s positive health effects are related to this vitamin, which helps to regulate calcium metabolism (vital for the nervous system and bone health), immunity, cell proliferation, insulin secretion, and blood pressure. Nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is essential to our lives.

So then the question really becomes, is sunscreen the enemy?  Is this video just a huge propaganda from sunscreen companies to promote sales?

We need to love our skin, but also protect it.  Let us know what your thoughts are!