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Our family here at Lovely Nails Toronto would love to share our family story with you.  A story only a few know, and even less understand.  It’s the story about how we struggle from Vietnam, leading to the escape, arriving to Canada, start a new life and now establishing our future.  Follow us as we pursuit a life motivated by love.

My name is Đào Thái Bảo – properly written with Last name first, middle name, then first name.  I will the sharing with you our family story.

Đào – a last name that is not as common as Nguyễn or Trần.  You know right away a person is Vietnamese when they say their last name.  Why is Nguyễn or Trần so popular?  They were the longest ruling dynasties in Vietnam and prominent in many historic events.  The Nguyễn dynasty was also the last ruling family in Vietnam. I would have been a Nguyễn too, but monogamy in Vietnam back in the 1900s  weren’t much of a thing.

My grandfather Nguyễn Văn Đại, was a hardworking, charming businessman.  Given his wealth and ambition to be the biggest silk merchant in the downtown district of Saigon, he attracted many to his side.  One distinguished lady attracted was my grandmother Đào Thị Thái.  She, however, wasn’t the first to marry him, not the second either, but the third!

As I was told, when my father was born he took my grandmother’s last name Đào.

The story then really begins with my parents, Đào Lâm Sơn and Đặng Thị Kim Tín.  With all odds against them, they have managed to create endless possibilities for their children in this new land.


Until next post,

Đào Thái Bảo


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  • Michaela

    This is a great initiative, I always wanted to know more about how there are so many nails salon are operated by Vietnamese families. Looking forward to the next post.